Automation & Control Systems

Chisinau, Alba Iulia 75 Republic of Moldova

ALTAL Grup Programming and Controllers development departmnet has delivered innovative industrial and home use process control solutions across many different manufacturing and end user home sectors. With extensive experience and knowledge of the demands of the modern automation system, ALTAL are able to offer complete systems integration into the customers home and enterprise from automation systems, electrical control, information solutions and software integration. With clients including some of the most successful organisations in the HVAC, Building Automation, Smart Home Controllers, Food, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Utilities industries, ALTAL possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise of providing quality automation solutions.

Our global team of application experts and highly qualified engineering personnel work with you to develop optimised solutions for home, industrial automation system, energy monitoring, security systems, software development etc. From small bespoke projects to global systems with 24/7 service level agreements, let us help you get the most from your process.

We consider ourselves more than product development experts. We are also consultants to our customers who desire to develop their own expertise and competency in electronic product development.

The pressing global environmental issues are fostering a rapid change in the energy and sustainability policies for the built environment. For these reasons, a framework for the analysis of the potential of Building Automation, Industrial Automatization and Control Systems for performance optimization is proposed. This framework aims to highlight, in particular, the possibility of establishing an effective methodological continuity among building performance simulation, control and data analytics, not immediately recognizable in current ALTAL controllers. Further, it aims to envision the possibility of creating a unified methodological approach, which could guarantee multiple feed-backs from measured data, useful for the evolution, first of all, of design and operation practices but also, more in general, of the whole value chain of the building sector.


At ALTAL, we’ve designed our Controllers specifically to control common commercial and home use heating, cooling equipment, energy monitoring. ALTAL Controllers are made for wall or panel mounting in a controlled space. These configurable-only controllers require no programming as each model is engineered to control a specific type of equipment. Multiple ALTAL Controllers models can be available to cover a wide range of applications, like heating systems, heat pumps, cooling, home and building security, home smart system solution, etc.


ALTAL has extensive knowledge of the technology and application of networks: Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, ASI, RS485, CAN, Modbus, Radio Channel, WiFi, Bluetooth®.


ALTAL offers from small single HMI applications for home use to comprehensive multi-node distributed industrial controle systems, ALTAL have a proven track record in providing eye catching and innovative user interfaces.

Real Time Control

Our Controllers feature a real-time clock and support time-based tasks – enabling them to monitor and control schedules, calendars, alarms, and trends – typically for air handling and central plant equipment, home smart controllers. RTC feature the ability to continue time-based control and monitoring when offline for extended periods of time, and they can operate as stand-alone controllers in applications that do not require a networked supervisory device or for network applications where it is preferred to have the scheduling, alarming, and trending performed locally.

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