Chisinau, Alba Iulia 75 Republic of Moldova

ALTAL specializes in custom tube and pipe bending services for commercial and industrial applications. We’ve been the region’s source for professional tube bending in Republic of Moldova and much more, always focusing on your business’s exact design and equipment needs. From the initial estimate and design phase to the final manufacturing and fitting stages, you can expect prompt, professional service when you choose Tube Bending.

Thanks to our vast array of leading-edge CNC pipe and tube bending machines, there isn’t a job we can’t handle. Need to high end quality high precision pipe or tube bending from 1/4" O.D. to a full 1¼" O.D.? No problem. In fact, we have all-automatic CNC pipe and tube bending machinery and rolling equipment to get any of these jobs done on time and on budget:

  • Tight radius bends
  • Multi-radius bends
  • Parts requiring tight and large radii
  • Symmetrical bends/parts (such as handles, furniture and frames)
  • Parts requiring tight tolerances
  • Tube generation

With ALTAL’s vast array of CNC bending machines, there isn’t a job we can’t handle. We have the CNC machinery and equipment to get any job done on time and on budget. When it comes to pipe and tube bending, sheet bending, plasma cutting, laser cutting and fabrication services, things are rarely straightforward. Sometimes, you need guidance about what's possible. Other times, you have detailed specifications that must be met. Or maybe your existing plan needs to be optimized for greater efficiency. ALTAL is the partner you need for any job, no matter the size or scope. We have worked diligently and invested heavily to expand our capacity, technology and machinery to enable us to provide solutions you simply can’t find anywhere else.


  • High-quality parts
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Reduced scrap
  • Wide flexibility in part design
  • Capability for complex structures


For complex jobs, we have machines with both in-process right and left bending with fixed and variable radii, enabling flexibility in your part design and the ability to quickly manufacture the products your organization needs to run efficiently.


Our free-form 3D tube bender uses single-die technology to create flexibility in part design for your job needs. This flexibility is unmatched by traditional forms of bending.
  • Able to produce angles greater than 180°
  • Can be little to no distance between bends
  • Wide flexibility in part design
  • Tube roundness and thickness maintained
  • Minimal setup and lead times achieved even for complex projects
  • Bends up to 1¼" O.D.
  • Multi-radius bends without additional tooling
  • Variable-radius bends


The following rigid materials are commonly turned: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nylon, Steel, Brass, Titanium, Bronze, etc.

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